Goritsy is a small village on the Sheksna river famous as a home to the dilapidated Resurrection Convent, visible on the shore. At the distance of 7 kms from the village is the town of Kirillov.In its way the town of Kirillov and its environs is a unique territory. It also happened that in the course of all the six centuries of its existence Kirillov was a centre of spiritual attraction. Tsars and numerous pilgrims went on a pilgrimage with the only aim – to find peace and enlightment there. The attractive-ness of the place can be easily explained: on the small area there is a gold field of historical and architectural monuments. The grand and majestic Kirillo-Belozerski monastery, because of its architecture and dimensions, is included in the memorials. Ferapont monastery, small in size and very cosy, which is situated at the distance of 18 km from Kirillov, has been recently registered into UNESCO list as one of the prominent monuments of the world cultural heritage. As a whole, Kirillov district counts 12 churches and 25 civil monuments, which are taken under the guardianship of the State Government.