Kizhi Island is a finger of land about 4 miles from top to bottom and about 1 mile across situated about 70 kilometres to the north-east of Petrozavodsk. The island rises gently to a low hillock that is dominated by the two onion-domed churches, encircled by a wooden stockade. On Kizhi Island survived a 17th century 22-domed church built without a single nail. The Church of the Transfiguration of our Savior and the Church of the Intercession, were first mentioned in the «Pistsovaya Kniga» chronicles in 1496. Both of these churches were rebuilt several times over the years and are now preserved in their original wooden splendor of the XVII century.
Kizhi is famous the whole world over. It has become the symbol of grandeur of unique Russian culture. Visiting the Kizhi Islands gives a great chance to appreciate the enchanting medieval atmosphere and get acquainted with the customs and free spirit of men living in a spacious area with a rigorous climate.