A small village of Mandroga is a romantic vision from the past. The village has been recently created by men of enterprise and artistic taste as tourist attractions.
You can feel being in a tale and get unforgettable impressions if you visit the village of Verkhniye Mandrogi located at the picturesque bank of the Svir river. The charming landscape is dotted with colorful “izbas” – small wooden log cabin houses with finely carved roofs and window frames. In the “town of masters” you can admire items of Russian handicraft – subtle paintings, “matryeshkas” (painted wooden dolls), remarkable pieces of embroidery and pottery utensils, and even take part in creating souvenirs. You can also visit the elk nursery and the quail farm, have a horse-ride about the place, taste Russian pastry, “pirozhki”, in a tavern, go to the museum of Russian vodka where cordial hosts will present you some vodka with pickles.