Moscow St.Petersburg

WATERWAYS OF RUSSIA Visiting Moscow * Uglich * Yaroslavl * Goritsy * Kizhi * Mandrogi * St. Petersburg Tour program Moscow - St.Petersburg 11 days (10 nights) Tour program Moscow - St.Petersburg 12 days (11 nights)...Read more

St. Petersburg - Moscow

WATERWAYS OF RUSSIA Visiting St. Petersburg * Mandrogi * Kizhi * Goritsy * Yaroslavl * Uglich * Moscow Tour program St.Petersburg-Moscow 11 days (10 nights) Tour program St.Petersburg-Moscow 12 days (11 nights)...Read more

Volga-river cruise from Moscow to Astrakhan

With the completion of the impressive Moscow-Volga Canal in 1937, the capital was finally linked to the great system of waterways that runs from St. Petersburg on the Gulf of Finland all the way to As­trakhan on the Caspian Sea. As a result, it is possible today to follow the entire trade route along the Volga, from Moscow all the way to Astrak...Read more

Valaam monastery and Kizhi island

Take this memorable cruise to the beautiful Russian Carelia! Sailing from the great city of St. Petersburg, see the unique Valaam and Kizhi islands and picturesque villages Svirstroy and Mandrogy along the Neva and Svir river. In Russia a river cruise is a perfect possibility for you to better understand the mysterious Russian soul. This is an unfo...Read more