St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is the second largest city of Russia and the largest city in the world located so far to the North.
Built in 1703 by Peter the Great St. Petersburg it is situated in the Neva River delta on the Eastern coast of the Gulf of Finland. This city, built on 44 islands formed by the Neva River and 90 more rivers and canals and interconnected by more than 300 bridges, has been the old capital of Russia and home to some of its mighty Czars.
Nowadays St Petersburg again is a cultural center, which contains an enormous number of historical and cultural sights. The city dazzles the eye of a visitor with numerous architectural landmarks, museums with various and outstanding collections, magnificent palaces – the former residences of Russian Tsars, grand parks, wide avenues, spectacular bridges and stylish monuments.
Among those famous all over the world is the unrivalled Hermitage museum, which houses a huge collection of Western European Art, Oriental Art, Applied Art, Ancient Roman, Greek, and Egyptian Art. The collection of the Hermitage consists of 2 million pieces!

The best time to visit the city is from May till October, when the weather is warm. The city is especially beautiful during magical White Nights, which start in the beginning of June and lasts up to the middle of July.